Wireless communication eliminates the wiring in ICT equipment and contributes to a reduction of CO2 emissions

Technology for system realization of wireless communication inside ICT equipment

Toward system realization of wireless communication inside ICT equipment, this study approaches the problems of research and development from three points of views – “high reliability comparable to wired communication,” “reduction of CO2 emissions,” and “installation inside equipment.”
To achieve performance equivalent to that of wired communication, it is necessary to develop guarantee-type communication for reliable information transmission within a certain period of time. To realize such a reliable communication, we analyzed the propagation environment in the equipment by both the measurement and simulation of the propagation characteristics in ICT equipment. From the analysis results, we determined the frequency band suitable for the system. Furthermore, to efficiently collect much sensor information in a narrow space, we are now developing a concentrated media access control (MAC) method and an optimum design of transceiver circuits.
From the viewpoint of both power-saving and reduction of CO2 emissions, we are investigating the operation modes of the wireless modules and examining methods to substantially reduce power consumption.
To integrate these technologies and install modules in a narrow space inside ICT equipment, we are developing a compact antenna that is small enough compared with the wavelength and a wireless module of a size equal to a postage stamp.

Approach from three viewpoints

Present conditions inside ICT equipment

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